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    Dr. Mariella Pellegrini, Dr. Antonio Cominazzi and Dr. Ana Maria Castaneda have set up an independent studio within the PAM shopping center in Sansepolcro in via dei Montefeltro, 1 / b. The working group works in harmony and for this reason it is possible to combine the physiotherapy path with a nutritional path according to the methods that best suit the needs of the person in the various phases of his life.

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    "Tell me about you. Who are you, what are you doing? " the little girl asked with a sharp look and a sparkling voice. “I am sunrise and sunset but most of all I am the light of dusk, I am sky in the evening and dew in the morning. I have always lived, equally on the slopes of the Alpe, among rich streams and arid leaves. I interrogate the landscape I observe to understand its history, I touch art every day with my hands, I try to grasp its secrets, make it usable and always find it in the nature that surrounds me. I work, walk, explore and try to share what excites me ... "said her mother turning to her daughter" ... and you? " she asked her. "I don't know ..." the little girl replied "I go around you like the earth around the sun ... but one day I will have a planet of my own!" and she jumped on the puddle that was in the middle of the path.