When video and sound become art

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A visionary and fantastic life

My experiences

Only music makes men free

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Funky music

In the 80s, when there was the advent of free radios and discos, the favorite music of the general public was this genre that made everyone dance and have fun.

Italian music

I have a shameless love for Italian music. This accompanies me in the most important moments of my life; even the most difficult ones..

Pop & Rock Music

The great authors and the most famous musical groups have aroused in me a constant curiosity.

It was way back in 1977

I started for fun with a radio game "the pizza quiz": I was only 12 years old. It was the beginning of a long and complicated job aimed at fighting my shyness. Day after day I was able to become familiar with those microphones managing to manage live broadcasts in various radio stations. In 1980 I joined the Italian Disc-Jokey Association, also presenting selections for television programs in highly prestigious broadcasters with the stage name "Denis Dell'Abate.
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1982 - 1986


Radio Antares- Jolly Dey dance club

It was becoming a real job. I had built a recording studio in my parents' house where I recorded the shows for the whole week. During that time I met and interviewed many famous celebrities from the show business.

1980 - 1981


Radio Valtiberina

I left school and rushed to the radio to broadcast my music program live.

1977 - 1980


Radio Zero International

My first experience: I was a child, but that world would have fascinated me for life..

My experience

The passion continues over time

Today I am still interested in music, offering entertainment evenings, games or theme nights..


What people says

  • Warm and sensual voice. For years I have listened to her music with joy and emotion.

    Patrizia - Rimini
  • Speaker prepared and attentive to the musical world. His voice is wonderful.

    Anna - Rimini
  • A true travel companion. Helpful and always in a good mood. Mastery of the Italian language and connoisseur of music..

    Alex - Milano


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